Igniting Kingdom Economics. Cultivating Prosperity.

BMACapital – Asset Management & Revenue Generation 

BMACapital holds the endowments, donations, assets, and other gifts of BMA Ministries. BMA Capitals funds BMA Foundation and BMA Flourish. The Board of Trustees oversees BMA Capital and a team of professional financial managers under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer.

How BMACapital works

Our Humanitarian, not-for-profit, tax-exempt, or equivalent status in multiple jurisdictions, allows many donors to benefit from tax deductions, offsets or other reductions in taxable income when donations are made to BMA. This allows us to cultivate donor relationships in various jurisdictions and accept a wide range of assets.

Our founders, the Bishop Belarminio Martinez Alvarez & Mrs. Dorcas Martinez Garcia are the trustees for the BMA Capital Trust, and the endowment continues to be managed, as it has been for more than 8 years, by a team of outside investment managers under the direction of our CEO and the President of BMA Capital. The foundation conducts all operations and grant-making work. These operations are overseen by our Board of Trustees and managed under the direction of our CEO and Executive Team.

Because we believe the right approach is to focus the foundation’s work in the 21st century, we will invest all of our resources within 20 years after the Bishop Martinez and Mrs. Dorcas Martinez’s deaths.

The decision to use all of the foundation’s resources in this century underscores our optimism for progress and determination to do as much as possible, as soon as possible, to address the comparatively narrow set of issues we’ve chosen to focus on.

Strategic Business Partnerships

Due to the urgency to complete the work of the organization, from time to time the Management and/or Board of Trustees authorize strategic partners to participate in the revenue generating process to allow for optimization of our work.  These strategic partners are chosen by a very selective approval process and in most cases come from our existing collaborators, partners, or donors.