Revive. Position. Empower

BMA Flourish is an International Christian Ministry Network whose role is to equip and train Christian leaders, develop church-based community development Interventions, and to support and initiate church planting networks. BMA Flourish accomplishes this by providing Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Networking, and Funding.

BMA Flourish is committed to winning souls for Christ and empowering the church to carry out the great commission and the called to action of Isaiah 58. Imprinted at the very core of the organization’s ethos, we firmly believe that this call should be part of the local church’s DNA, and that collectively the Revived, Positioned, and Empowered Church, united as one, will impact the social aliments of the world as the visible hands and feet of Christ Jesus.

BMA Flourish accomplishes its vision of building capacity in the Body of Christ by supporting Pastors & Leaders and equipping the Church. The goal of BMA flourish is to provide comprehensive holistic health through the local church. This is accomplished through several City transformation initiatives.


A 99-minute journey aimed at catalyzing a movement in a city or geography by beginning a conversation with other churches and city leaders to design a collaborative strategy that will lead to actionable next steps for city transformation.

City Vision Plans

City Vision Plans are spiritually strategic plans that are aligned to the vision that God has given us to conquer the city for Christ. These plans position and empower the church to carry out the mandate to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The city Vision planning process involves stakeholders from various areas of the city. This process incorporates church leaders, civic leaders, business leaders, and culture leaders.


A local, onsite church planter assessment and equipping center that provides best practices and support to churches to inspire and equip next-generation church planters to lead strong.


A two-day intensive focused on equipping churches to become multiplication churches by learning proven disciple-making principles and planting strategies that lead to accelerated church multiplication and city impact.

Mission Link

A way to connect churches under a City Vision plan to BMA Foundation for funding and collaboration in transformational projects and church plants in local areas with the greatest need.

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care initiative deals with the emotional, spiritual and physical health of Pastors, leaders and their families.