Eliminate Poverty. Elevate Human Dignity.

BMA Foundation in its capacity operates as the grant-making division of the organization. The division seeks to engage and partner with the humanitarian response community, churches, government, business leaders, corporations, policymakers, and philanthropist across the globe to lift those in extreme destitute out of poverty and to create free and flourishing civil societies that Empower and Elevate Human Dignity.

Through the division’s grant-making programs, the foundation’s funding thresholds are focused within 7 Priority Funding Sectors:

Justice & Human Rights | Housing | Health & Nutrition |Disaster Relief & Environmental Stewardship | Community Development | Infrastructure Development | Policy & Advocacy

BMA Foundation aims to cultivate long-term partnerships that establish Holistic Solutions and deliver measurable, sustainable, and impactful social returns in alignment with the organization’s Comprehensive Strategic Mission.

7 Priority Funding Sectors